Love Stories

Here at Silver Loop Studios we really focus on love and lovers. While we appreciate beautiful decor, candles, flowers, etc., what we love most is beautiful love stories. We want the love that we display to feel tangible. We know that there’s so amazing moments that led you two together and we want to make sure the world knows exactly what they are. Things come and go, but love lasts forever.

Those are the stories we love to tell!


Keith & Mya

After Meeting their first year of college, Keith and Mya decided to give a relationship a try for a week. Somehow that week led to another and has now taken them on one of the most amazing journey’s ever. Hosted at one of New Orleans most historic venues Race & Religious, their wedding beautiful esthetically, but it was a beautiful display of their love.

Michael & Ansley

Michael planned a thoughtful day of pampering and fun for Ansley and told her it was "just because." After a day of beauty and relaxation, the two headed out to what Ansley thought would be dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. To Ansley's surprise, Michael had a private dinner arranged for two. As Ansley opened the door, she was greeted by balloons, roses, candles, and her soon to be husband awaiting her. Here's the story of one of the best days of their lives!

Tyrin & Rae 1 year anniversary

Tyrin and Rae have a love that’s been growing for over a decade. After their first year of marriage, we sat down with them and talked about year one. Although the story of their love is a bit conflicting (lol) its a beautiful one!

Carlos & Helena

Carlos and Helena met while Helena was on a work internship in Guatemala. After embarking on a 1.5 year international long
distance relationship, in December 2016 Helena moved to Costa Rica so that they could finally be in the same country! In July 2017 they got engaged and the rest is history!

Cory & Brittany

In New Orleans for what Brittany thought was just a festival, Cory gathered some of New Orleans most creative coordinators and put together a surprise proposal. It was so beautiful and emotional we almost felt as if we were getting engaged (lol). It was definitely one I don’t think Brittany will ever forget.

Cornell & Christian

Cornell & Christian are the perfect example of when MotorCity meets the Big Easy! Christians energetic personally and Cornell’s laid back vibe transcended into their wedding day. The day began a little rainy, but the weather gods showed up just in time so they could end their wedding day with a New Orleans custom, the second-line!

Jose & Farrah

Farrah planned a surprise birthday dinner for Jose, but little did she know Jose would end up proposing that night. He actually had a weekend planned for the proposal at a private cabin, but he proposed spontaneously – they still went on the weekend trip a few weeks later and he continued with all his plans. Only difference was Farrah was now going on this trip as a fiance’!